Yenepoya Pharmacy College & Research Centre

Yenepoya Pharmacy College & Research Centre

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It is located in the beautiful and thriving city, Mangalore, with easy access to a wide range of social, cultural, recreational and athletic activities. The college of Pharmacy is housed in the Yenepoya University campus, a complex designed specifically for health Sciences, research and practice. Pharmacy students have access to utilise all facilities available in the campus. Pharmacy profession is an integral part of health care system. It is expanding up the horizon and setting a new trend with respect to the educational system and career opportunities. The position of pharmacist is probably the most equitable of all professions today. India’s pharmaceutical sector is expected to touch US$ 74 billion in sales by 2020 from the current US$ 11 billion. These factors have contributed to an increased demand for pharmacists, rating India as the third-largest health professional group in the world and the sole profession specifically trained to deliver pharmaceutical services. Pharmacy is a profession that faces perpetual change. There are always new drugs, new treatments and new information sources. A focus of our faculty is to help you learn how to navigate these new territories and develop the skills required practising pharmacy. In other words, we help you learn how to learn.

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