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Hillside Academy started back in 1996 by Bheemachandra Education Trust. Hillside Group has various educational institutions ranging from Kindergarten to PG courses in and around Bangalore City. Started with healthcare education, basic schools and added more and more courses in the field of nursing, Pharmacy College, business management and commerce.
Our vision is to become the leading management institution in India providing Quality Education at an affordable cost and build Human Capital for Emerging Economies.
The mission of Hillside Group of Institutions e is to help see the students their career prospective and act to get their ultimate goal. Hillside Academy is one of its kind. Excellent education is given to young minds and help them to develop their career in their respective fields. The exceptional and vast teaching staff give outstanding education to the upcoming citizens. Our mission is to become a centre of excellence in fostering the development of human potential through quality research, teaching, residential learning and professional services. The Hillside Nursing School has a mission to produce productive and caring individual to serve the people in need. They are taught to overcome difficult, tough and stressful situations in the medical field. The various innovative programs help the students to get first-hand experience and excel in their fields. Our Hillside B-School is focusing for international recognition for its innovative approaches to business education and has been a pioneer in the areas of team-based and experiential learning. A happy and satisfied job is what is the finally achieved. The mission is to nurture managerial and leadership qualities. Hillside Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital is one of the most prestigious colleges in Ayurveda field. Ayurveda is one of the oldest schools of medicine in the world. More than a medical system it is a way of life, Ayurveda is considered by many as the ‘mother of healing.’ Hillside College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, Bangalore was established in the year 2005 under Bheemachandra Educational Trust. It is one of the top pharmacy colleges in Bangalore with sophisticated laboratory facilities and a well-equipped digital library. Students are educated by the best, qualified and experienced teachers.


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